For those of you familiar with Light's Hope export tool, we offer a similiar feature. Excalibur's players can download their character data in a json file with an included signature that a third party can validate to guarantee data authenticity.

What data is included?

For those familiar with MaNGOS/TrinityCore, the following table records are included

  • Character data ( Mostly essentials, world location and such excluded )
  • Character action
  • Character battleground record ( Our own custom battleground ranking )
  • Character homebind
  • Character inventory
  • Character pet
  • Character quests
  • Character reputation
  • Character skills
  • Character spells
  • Pet spells

How to verify data

To verify characters you need to do the following actions

  1. Receive uploaded zip archive & unpack it
  2. Compare signature file of characters.json to our public key
  3. Parse & import character data
Public Key:
> Public Key

Code Examples:
> PHP Example
> Example Account zip

OpenSSL commandline verification:
openssl dgst -sha512 -verify <(openssl x509 -in "exwow_public.crt" -pubkey -noout) -signature signature.sha512 characters.json

When importing

Maybe not everyone wishes to import our characters directly in their original form, you can freely pick & match the aspects that you wish to import and exclude elements you do not consider a match for your server. Or use this zip as a way to validate a registration bonus.


Any implementation questions can be directed at [email protected]. Any server implementing this method will be advertised on our facebook page.